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CHAM makes a difference with you
The world is more wonderful with you

Always think ahead and be prepared, persist in the right path, and care for our partners.

Talent Concept

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Talents should be those who excels in both moral integrity and professional competence, with the moral integrity prioritized. A high position is never appointed to those who possess no moral integrity.

  • At CHAM
    We offer you an international stage

    With five production bases and a team of top experts, there is an infinitely broad stage for you.

  • At CHAM
    You will be inspired by innovation and achieve great development

    We will mine your potential and create a ceiling-free career development from both "technical" and "management" channels.

  • At CHAM
    You will get satisfactory returns and settle down in your job

    We offer competitive salaries, generous incentives, and sound security to repay you for every effort you made.

  • At CHAM
    You will grow fast and obtain unlimited opportunities

    A variety of training sessions, a well-established development system, and business expansion will lead to your extraordinary growth.

  • At CHAM
    We advocate health first and physical and mental pleasure

    We arrange for annual physical examinations, employee care and fitness activities to guard your health.


What We Need from You

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    Be an adult who is able to solve problems

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    Be enterprising

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    Practice the company values

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    Determine to accomplish our mission and have a strong execution capability

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    Be innovative

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    Create happy employees

    Here, we hope that everyone's talent will be fully unleashed to bring the best side of everything.

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