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Revolutionizing the world with
safe and accessible energy solutions

Company Profile

In order to make society more efficient and intelligent, we must relentlessly strive to develop new technologies


Established on March 18, 2003, CHAM is one of the first private enterprises in China to achieve the mass production of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and has become a leading integrated new energy solution provider in China, with products covering application scenarios such as advanced energy storage, green travel and intelligent equipment. 

CHAM specializes in the development of solutions ranging from cells and modules to complete products, and has made a series of achievements in new battery materials, high-energy-density batteries and critical process technologies. For example, CHAM has made six capacity breakthroughs in 18650 cylindrical batteries, and launched the only ultra-fast charging large cylindrical 32140 sodium-ion battery in the world, 46 series of large cylindrical quasi-solid batteries, and the integrated bamboo & rattan energy storage batteries developed based on the dynamic energy storage market. 

CHAM has been awarded a number of titles, including National High-Tech Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Enterprise Focusing on Specialization, Refinement, Uniqueness and Innovation in Guangdong, Innovative Enterprise in Guangdong, and Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong. In addition, CHAM has won the Science and Technology Progress Award in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen, and has undertaken a national high-tech industrial demonstration project and a science and technology planning project in Guangdong Province. 

  • Mission

    In order to make society more efficient and intelligent, we must relentlessly strive to develop new technologies

  • Vision

    To become a globally trustworthy technology company

    Revolutionizing the world with safe and accessible energy solutions

  • Values

    Innovation is our gene, quality is our faith

    We drives growth with data and R & D

    We develop industry-leading products tailored to diverse application scenarios 

    We strive to make every subtlety specialized

    We are committed to protect our planet

    We embrace challenges, empower our partners and strive to accomplish our mission


Global Presence

CHAM is committed to creating new energy products that are efficient, intelligent and inclusive, and endeavors to build a beautiful home with blue skies, green lands and clear waters.

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    TOP level

    Lightweight power battery

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    Core technology patents

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    Years of experience

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    Bases & smart factories

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    2 billion

    Batteries sold

We are constantly driven by our mission and values

  • 2023

    Contracted the project for building CHAM Headquarters in SuzhouFull launch of the bamboo battery program 

    1st launch of the integrated bamboo battery CTP1.0 in the world

    Released the industry's first large cylindrical ultra-fast-charging 32140 sodium-ion battery

    Released 4680 series of large cylindrical quasi-solid bamboo lithium-ion batteries

    Launched the world's first cylindrical quasi-solid 21700-6.0Ah cell based on high safety and high energy density

  • 2022

    Started the base construction in Mianyang and Yantai

    Plan for the lithium iron phosphate batteries and sodium-ion batteries

    Expansion and automated upgrade of PACK line

    Became a supplier of IKEA/Valeo

  • 2019-2021

    1st launch of 18650/3.5Ah in China

    Launched 18650/3.0 Ah/10C

    Established partnerships with Ecoflow and Yoobao

    Battery production line for fully automatic sweeping robots

    Upgraded the MES, ERP and OA systems

  • 2014-2018

    1st 18650/3.0 Ah MP in China

    Established partnership with Anker

    1st 18650/3.35 Ah MP in China

    Became a supplier of Kandi, Geely, Zotye and Nanjing Golden Dragon

    2.55, 2.6 and 2.75 Ah batteries passed the national mandatory testing

  • 2009-2013

    1st 18650/2.6Ah MP in China

    Started the construction of the Songshan Lake CHAM Industrial Park

    Initiated POWEROCKS, a high-end consumer electronics brand

  • 2005-2008

    1st 18650/2.2 Ah MP in China

    Launched 18650/1.5 Ah/10C

    Established partnerships with BMZ, Hasee and Lenovo

    Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise

    Selected as backup power supply for Shenzhou VII

  • 2003-2004

    Established China's first 18650 battery factory

    1st 18650/2.0 Ah MP in China

    Passed the ISO 9001/14001 certification

    Supplied 18500/14500 to LG Electronics

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Create a sustainable future with joint efforts

The success of an enterprise lies not only in economic benefits, but also in contributions to society. 

We always integrate our social responsibility into the core of our business and endeavor to contribute to sustainable development. 

  • Environment


    CHAM attaches great importance to energy saving and emission reduction, and makes great efforts to optimize production processes, promote green supply chain management, and increase innovations in environmental protection technology, contributing to a green industrial chain. 

  • Society


    CHAM actively fulfills its social responsibility by concerning about the community and public welfare, caring for the development of employees, protecting the rights and interests of consumers, and providing quality products and services. 

  • Governance


    CHAM adheres to the principles of regulatory and transparent governance to ensure fair decision-making, compliant operations, and sound and stable development.

Honor & Qualification

  • 2004-深圳市高新认定.png

    2004 - Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Recognition

  • 2008.10-深圳市清洁生产企业.png

    2008.10-Shenzhen Clean Production Enterprise

  • 2013.11-锂电论坛指定礼品.png

    2013.11-Designated Gift for Lithium Battery Forum

  • 2013环球资源展-出口企业先锋奖.png

    2013-Global Sources Exhibition - Pioneer Award for Export Enterprises

  • 2016年度最佳配套产品奖.png

    2016 Best Supporting Product Award

  • 创明新能源高新证书.png

    High-tech Certificate

  • 广东省科学技术奖三等奖.png

    Third Prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award

  • 科技成果登记(高能笔记本电脑电池-).png

    Scientific and Technological Achievement Registration (High-energy Laptop Battery)

  • 科技成果登记(圆柱动力电池-).png

    Scientific and Technological Achievement Registration (Cylindrical Power Battery)

  • 深圳市科技进步二等奖.png

    Second Prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award

  • 深圳市科学技术进步二等奖.png

    Second Prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award (repeated for clarity)

  • 新产品鉴定.png

    New Product Appraisal

  • 自主创新产品认定.png

    Recognition of Independent Innovation Products

  • 最具成长性企业.png

    Most Growth-Oriented Enterprise

  • 资质02高企认定证书.png

    High-tech Enterprise Recognition Certificate

  • 荣誉19-广东省高新技术产品证书F8R.png

    High-tech Product Certificate of Guangdong Province (F8R)

  • 国家知识产权优势企业.png

    National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise

  • 广东省知识产权示范企业.png

    Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province

  • 广东省高新技术产品证书F8R.png

    High-tech Product Certificate of Guangdong Province -F9L-3350

  • 广东省高新技术产品证书F8Q.png

    High-tech Product Certificate of Guangdong Province-F8Q

  • 3200mAh.png

    High-tech Product Certificate of Guangdong Province-3200mAh High-capacity Cylindrical Lithium-ion Power Battery

  • 2600mAh.png

    High-tech Product of Guangdong Province - 2600mAh High-rate Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery

  • 2500mAh.png

    High-tech Product of Guangdong Province - 2500mAh High-rate Cylindrical Lithium-ion Power Battery

  • 2200mAh.png

    High-tech Product of Guangdong Province - 2200mAh High-capacity Cylindrical Lithium-ion Power Battery

  • 广东省创新型企业(试点)证书.png

    Certificate of Guangdong Provincial Innovative Enterprise (Pilot)

  • 离子电治开发与产业化.png

    Certificate of Achievement Registration

  • 高安全.png

    Certificate of Achievement Appraisal

  • 二○一六年度锂电池好产品.png

    Good Lithium Battery Product of 2016

  • 东莞市专利优势企业.png

    Dongguan Patent Advantage Enterprise

  • 2021年度园区安全生产先进企业.png

    Outstanding Enterprise in Workplace Safety of the Industrial Park in 2021

  • 2020年创新东莞科学技术奖.png

    Innovation Dongguan Science and Technology Award 2020

  • 百优创新产品奖-9L.png

    2019.2-Dongguan High-tech Enterprise Association - Top 100 Innovative Product Award - 9L

  • 2018年度金锂奖.png

    Golden Lithium Award of 2018

  • 2018广东省工程中心.png

    Guangdong Engineering Center 2018

  • 2018东莞工程中心.png

    Dongguan Engineering Center 2018

  • 广东省高新技术产品证书F2P.png

    Certificate of Guangdong High-tech Product (F2P)