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        Company News
        【Mianyang Cham】 Was Invited to Participate in the First Sodium-ion Battery Cycle Life Tests
        Successful Initial Launch I Digital Twin Supports CHAM to Increase Capacity
        [China International Bicycle Fair] CZM Technology presented a high-performance battery solution for electric two-wheelers with strong strength
        [Dongguan Cham] The inauguration ceremony of the Guangdong Doctoral Workstation was successfully held
        Cham at the CIBF: Bamboo and rattan batteries suggested a new trend of energy battery development
        Cham Holdings explores cooperation opportunities in the Southeast Asian new energy market with Indonesia's Salim Group
        Heavyweight! The Blue Book of the Development of China’s Large Cylindrical Lithium Battery Industry in 2023, which was compiled by CHAM, has been released
        The new energy industry is accelerating clustering! Cham New Energy Headquarters project has been signed and settled
        With a total investment of 12 billion yuan, the main factory building of the first phase of the Cham New Energy Mianyang Base Project has successfully topped out.
        Industry eco-pioneers gather in Mianyang! Cham's bamboo battery new product launch draws attention
        Cham and SPIC jointly bring light to brighten lives, practicing the "Belt and Road" initiative
        The launch of the “Cham Bamboo Battery Program” with the world’s first integrated bamboo battery CTP1.0.
        Cham Battery is listed as one of the "Second Batch of Units Passing Sodium-ion Battery Evaluation"
        Yunnan International and CHAM Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement
        CHAM Battery releases the world’s first quasi-solid-state 21700 cylindrical battery based on high safety and high energy density
        CHAM Group and Shenzhen Institute of Computing Sciences have reached a consensus to cooperate on the research of AI intelligent battery production line
        Strong Collaboration! CHAM Battery and Siemens Reach Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Digital Factory Project
        Group standards Reset specification for EV batteries and Examining & assessment specification for EV batteries co-authored by Cham Battery have been officially released
        Group standard On-board Terminal Sealed Nickel-Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery Requirements for Intelligent Connected Vehicle co-authored by Cham Battery has been officially released
        Industry Trends
        Cham New Energy is invited to attend the “OFweek Lithium Battery Annual Conference” and delivers a speech
        Big shots dialogue on cross-disciplinary integration in the AI era & successful launch of Cham bamboo new battery products
        CHAM serves as the Vice Chairman at Dongguan Energy Storage Industry Alliance
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