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Green Mobility

We create quality products with our customers' application scenarios at the core to provide cost-effective solutions.

Industry Pain Point

To solve the problems with the range and charging efficiency of electric vehicles, CHAM has introduced customized down-tube lithium-ion batteries, available in 36 V or 48 V voltage, with high-capacity cells that ensure 500 charge cycles.

Product Advantages

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    Customized service

    The mAh, voltage and battery specification can be customized based on customer demands.

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    Diversified cell structures

    Various cell structures are available, including 10S3P and 13S2P, to meet different power and range requirements.

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    Robust discharge capacity

    Continuous 2C and maximum 3C discharge rates are supported to cope with high capacity requirements.

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    Intelligent BMS

    Built-in CAN communication is provided to ensure stable battery operation.

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    High-capacity cells

    With more than 1000 charge cycles and an expected life of up to five years, batteries significantly increase the traveling distance traveled of electric bicycle, making long-distance riding possible.

  • 高可靠性.svg

    Safety assurance

    Batteries are furnished with protection boards and fuses to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit.

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    Environmental adaptability

    The charging temperature range is 10-45°C, and the discharging temperature range is -20-60°C, for which batteries adapt to various climatic conditions.

Expert Opinion


Industry experts speak highly of CHAM for its achievements in lithium battery cell consistency and safety, as well as its flexible design capabilities. They also single out CHAM's high-capacity cells as playing a key role in boosting range.

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