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Advanced Energy Storage

We create quality products with our customers' application scenarios at the core to provide cost-effective solutions.

Industry Pain Point

CHAM's intelligent energy storage devices are designed to address the challenges in renewable energy utilization and grid stability in the global energy transition. CHAM's efficient and reliable energy storage solutions help households and businesses optimize energy use, reduce waste and lower electricity bills while enhancing grid flexibility and stability.

Product Advantages

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    Efficient energy management

    The intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors the status of batteries in real time, optimizes their charge and discharge, and prolongs their life.

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    Environmental adaptability

    Products are designed to adapt to various environmental conditions, and can operate stably under extreme conditions.

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    High-capacity battery technology

    The latest lithium-ion battery technology is applied to achieve high-energy density and long life.

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    Easy installation and maintenance

    Modular design is adopted to reduce the installation and maintenance costs.

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    Intelligent cloud monitoring

    The cloud platform is used for real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis and maintenance to enhance system reliability and security.

Expert Opinion


Experts in the energy industry suggest that energy storage systems will play an increasingly important role in the transformation of the global energy mix as energy storage technologies advance and costs decrease continuously. With its advanced technology and solutions, CHAM is becoming a leader in energy storage.

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