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Intelligent Equipment

We create quality products with our customers' application scenarios at the core to provide cost-effective solutions.

Industry Pain Point

In response to the capacity fading, long charging period and short life of batteries for smart home devices, we have introduced a variety of high-capacity, high-efficiency and long-life battery modules to provide users with more efficient power supply for their cleaning equipment.

Product Advantages

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    Diversified cell structures

    Different power and range requirements can be satisfied.

  • 智能云.svg

    Intelligent BMS

    Built-in CAN communication is provided to ensure stable battery operation.

  • 高容量.svg

    High-capacity cells

    Ultra-long life is achieved to significantly extend the service time.

  • 高可靠性.svg

    Safety assurance

    Batteries are furnished with protection boards and fuses to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit.

  • 温度适应.svg

    Environmental adaptability

    The charging temperature range is 10-45°C, and the discharging temperature range is -20-60°C, for which batteries adapt to various climatic conditions.

Expert Opinion


Prof. Zhang praised CHAM's battery for its quality cells, smart chip, and safety features. Mr. Li, a safety expert, concurred, noting its international certifications and protective mechanisms against overheating and voltage issues.

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