Cham at the CIBF: Bamboo and rattan batteries suggested a new trend of energy battery development

Cham at the CIBF: Bamboo and rattan batteries suggested a new trend of energy battery development

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  • 2024-04-30

On April 27, the three-day 16th China International Battery Fair (CIBF-2024) was grandly held in Chongqing. Cham New Energy made an exciting appearance with the innovative achievements of bamboo and rattan series large cylindrical batteries and energy storage solutions, which were affirmed by the participants.

Cham, a leading energy solution provider in the industry, has been committed to the R&D and innovation of battery technologies. The company focused on the exhibition of its bamboo and rattan cylinder battery products at the CIBF. Its superb performance attracted much attention. The 32 series all-tab ultra-low internal resistance large cylinder batteries and the 46 series large cylinder quasi-solid-state batteries, featuring higher energy density, longer cycle life, outstanding performance in high and low temperatures and other superiorities, can adapt to special working conditions such as high-temperature and cold areas. These make them perfect choices for electric two-wheelers, electric vehicles and energy storage applications.


Furthermore, Cham also presented unique bamboo and rattan energy storage system solutions. The solutions realize high performance and low cost of energy storage systems through innovative process design. Among them, the industrial and commercial energy storage solution—liquid cooled energy storage system cabinet features a life cycle cost that is beyond compare, up to 10 years under two-charge and two-discharge working conditions. The use of intelligent liquid cooling technology prolongs the system service life by 30%, and the multi-protection strategy ensures the system safety performance.


The household storage solution—wall-mounted energy storage and stacked energy storage system also aroused the interest of the audience. Characterized by ultra-long cycle, long-service-life battery, and 10-year warranty, the system supports horizontal and vertical parallel arrangement, as well as indoor and outdoor applications. It is compatible with 20+ mainstream inverters on the market and allows battery settings of multiple fault self-diagnosis. The system offers excellent system architecture design, which can be quickly installed with ease. The appearance is designed based on home appliances, which is quite artistic.


During the fair, Cham also launched the integrated bamboo and rattan battery CTP1.0 globally. The bamboo and rattan modules adopt the minimalist modular design, with highly integrated structural parts, which exhibit merits such as high-level safety, long cycle life, easier maintainability, and stable structure.


At the CIBF this year, Cham New Energy fully demonstrated its powerful strength in the battery technology sector. It will continue to increase investment in R&D in the future to expedite the upgrading and iteration of bamboo and rattan products, create cutting-edge products based on application scenarios, and provide customers with more high-quality customized solutions.


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