[China International Bicycle Fair] CZM Technology presented a high-performance battery solution for electric two-wheelers with strong strength

[China International Bicycle Fair] CZM Technology presented a high-performance battery solution for electric two-wheelers with strong strength

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  • 2024-05-08

Recently, at the China International Bicycle Fair held in Shanghai, Dongguan CZM Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CZM Technology”) showcased its one-stop solution for the high-performance electric two-wheeler battery from cell, BMS to PACK with professionalism and high-quality product power.


The solution on display came under the spotlight at the fair for its outstanding long service life, long battery life and multi-protection mechanism. Most distinctively, the latest 32140 large cylinder battery used in the electric motorcycle battery pack was one of the highlights of the fair. This battery technology improves the energy density of the battery to drastically improve the endurance mileage. Moreover, its high discharge rate ability enables even more remarkable power performance of vehicles. Through precise temperature control management and optimized heat dissipation design, the 32140 large cylinder battery ensures stable operation under various working conditions, providing a solid guarantee for the long-term use of electric two-wheeled vehicles. This solves the industry pain points with effect and facilitate the green mobility of light-duty vehicles. Next, CZM Technology will launch the 46 and sodium electric series products to bring more high-quality and efficient solutions in the market.



Additionally, the battery pack of CZM Technology offers a multi-protection mechanism as well. Superior BMS, battery power supply system with higher-level safety protection, efficient balanced management technology, advanced heat dissipation mechanism, and multi-level fault diagnosis protection mechanism for battery safety management shield for battery safety. The across-the-board safety compliance testing equipment and instruments demonstrate excellent performance in charge and discharge protection, misuse and abuse protection, waterproof, anti-vibration, thermal management, and anti-interference among other aspects, which ensures that the battery design and mass production inspection comply with customer requirements.


CZM Technology aroused extensive attention among foreign customers from Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and other countries at the fair. In the future, CZM Technology will stick to its commitment to create pioneering products based on application scenarios and offer more high-quality green mobility experience to users at home and abroad.

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