Cham New Energy is invited to attend the “OFweek Lithium Battery Annual Conference” and delivers a speech

Cham New Energy is invited to attend the “OFweek Lithium Battery Annual Conference” and delivers a speech

  • Industry Trends

  • 2024-04-10

Against the backdrop of challenges such as the slowing growth rate of installed capacity and excess production capacity in the power battery industry, the OFweek 2024 (8th) Power Battery Industry Annual Conference and Industry Annual Awards Ceremony, organized by OFweek and OFweek Lithium Battery, will be held on March 19-20, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. Dongguan Cham Battery Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase its outstanding technical strength in Shenzhen, sharing the latest dynamics and technological innovations in the power battery industry with industry leaders, experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives. Dr. Huang Yang, Director of Product Development at Cham, will deliver a special speech titled Development and Reflections on Large Cylindrical Batteries.

Large cylindrical batteries, as the primary trend in future battery structures, possess characteristics such as high energy density, good safety performance, high manufacturing efficiency, and significant cost advantages. As one of the first privately-owned enterprises in China to mass-produce cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, Cham New Energy has been deeply involved in the lithium battery industry for over twenty years. Leveraging its profound technical prowess, Cham has successfully developed and released globally unique ultra-fast charging 32140 sodium ion large cylindrical batteries, 46 series quasi-solid-state large cylindrical batteries, and integrated bamboo energy storage batteries developed for the dynamic energy storage market.

Currently, Cham's R&D of large cylindrical batteries cover various electrochemical systems including ternary, iron lithium, sodium, and semi-solid, with multiple size specifications such as 32, 46, and 60, and various packaging modes including steel shell, aluminum shell, mechanical sealing and laser sealing. Additionally, it involves various tab shaping processes including kneading, laser die cutting, and tapping. Cham has established a complete product line of large cylindrical batteries with differentiated competitive advantages, capable of meeting various application scenarios and customer needs. Looking to the future technological development, Cham is also accumulating advanced process technologies such as dry electrolysis, all-solid-state batteries, and non-negative electrode batteries, continuously enhancing product quality and core advantages.

In this presentation, Dr. Huang Yang will draw on Cham's extensive experience in the development of large cylindrical batteries to analyze the current development paths and challenges of such batteries, and provide judgments on future development paths from multiple dimensions such as product performance requirements, cost control, and process difficulty.

By engaging in the OFweek 2024 Power Battery Industry Annual Conference, Cham aspires to share insights with industry colleagues, delve into forthcoming trends, and foster the robust growth of the sector as a whole.

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