Big shots dialogue on cross-disciplinary integration in the AI era & successful launch of Cham bamboo new battery products

Big shots dialogue on cross-disciplinary integration in the AI era & successful launch of Cham bamboo new battery products

  • Industry Trends

  • 2023-10-09


On September 20, Cham New Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as Cham New Energy) celebrated its 20th anniversary and launched new products at a grand event held in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, under the theme "Energy Technology, Learn from Nature". During the event, Cham New Energy officially launched the "Bamboo Battery Project", introducing a comprehensive lineup of new products including the 46 series large cylindrical quasi-solid-state battery, the 32140 large cylindrical sodium-ion bamboo battery, and the globally pioneering integrated bamboo battery CTP1.0 (consisting of 46120 bamboo energy storage battery, 32140 bamboo sodium-ion small power battery, and 46215 bamboo energy storage battery). These new products mark the beginning of a new journey in energy.

During the event, a gathering of industry experts engaged in in-depth discussions and explorations on the theme "Next-Generation Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing: The Path of Cross-Disciplinary Integration in the AI Era". Esteemed guests included Fu Ling, Chief Scientist of Siemens China; Yang Rukun, Chairman of Shenzhen Geesun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Kong Xiangdong, CEO of Sichuan Cell AI Technology Co., Ltd.; Tang Xuejiao, Chairman of Shenzhen Manst Technology Co., Ltd.; and Li Yubing, Director and General Manager of Changhong AUCU Technology Co., Ltd. Under the moderation of Cham's Vice President Xie Dongsheng and Cham Battery's CTO Zhao Youman, the five guests engaged in a roundtable dialogue covering various aspects such as digital twins, intelligent manufacturing, cross-disciplinary integration, and innovative production. They candidly shared insights and wisdom, collectively empowering the development of energy storage batteries in the imminent era of intelligence.


Fu Ling, Chief Scientist at Siemens China, proposed the application of digital twins in battery production: "Digital twins encompass all the data models and knowledge generated by enterprises along the value chain. They can help us solve decision-making problems. Under different design scenarios, they can assist us in finding the optimal solution. With rich production process data and technology data combined with our quality models, we can conduct highly precise analysis of battery quality. These are some typical applications of digital twins in the battery manufacturing industry. In essence, digital twins provide a foundational platform within the industrial metaverse, allowing different departments, disciplines, and even companies to engage in deeper communication and collaboration, collectively addressing industry-specific issues".


Yang Rukun, Chairman of Shenzhen Geesun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, focused on intelligent manufacturing: "I believe the core task of intelligent manufacturing is to use technology to address issues in the battery manufacturing process and improve the quality of batteries. The most crucial aspect of this is the underlying data. We must define the underlying data of batteries as it directly impacts the safety and quality of batteries, as well as the consistency of the entire production process. Establishing comprehensive underlying data is key to ensuring the overall quality of battery manufacturing, making it the cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing".


Xiangdong Kong, CEO of Sichuan Cell AI Technology Co., Ltd., expressed confidence in the application of AI technology in the industry: "Currently, the intelligentization of battery manufacturing is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the integration of artificial intelligence. Traditional methods may no longer be able to further improve product quality and cost control. We need to elevate our approach to another level and utilize AI to solve these challenges. Whether it's the utilization of big data on production lines or the industrial application of AI, they will both contribute to quality and cost control, truly achieving cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in production. In this era, AI holds great promise for industry development and represents a genuine trend".


Tang Xuejiao, Chairman of Shenzhen Manst Technology Co., Ltd., emphasized intelligent closed-loop management: "In today's industry, everything needs to be quantifiable because we aim to manage enterprises using data. Therefore, in the era of intelligence, we need to develop algorithms and continuously upgrade them. In addition to the ontology, adding algorithm iterations can achieve multi-dimensional control and truly realize closed-loop management. A genuine production management end can achieve closed-loop management, whether it's in terms of quality, material control, or later-stage quality tracing, to realize the pursuit of quality and energy prediction throughout the entire process, truly reducing costs and enhancing efficiency".


Li Yubing, Director and General Manager of Changhong AUCU Technology Co., Ltd., focused on application aspects: "From the perspective of battery and its application, we can divide it into four layers. The first layer is about optimizing the manufacturing materials of the battery itself to achieve differentiation. The second layer is about control, which involves combining the parameters of the battery with those of the user to enable more frequent and larger charge and discharge cycles. The third layer involves the application of AI, using artificial intelligence to combine the maximum performance of battery with its future applications. The final layer is the application itself, which refers to how the product is presented. All four layers need to be matched - it's like a good thing in the hands of someone with average abilities; it cannot achieve its maximum utility. We need to bring real value to the end users, which is the essence of a truly good product".


Cham New Energy has always prioritized customer needs, committed to providing safe and accessible energy technology solutions to people worldwide. Through safe and inclusive energy technology, it aims to drive a cleaner and smarter future. The comprehensive launch of the Bamboo Battery Project signifies Cham's transition from accumulating strength to leading domestic high-capacity cylindrical lithium battery technology. With innovative manufacturing processes, Cham New Energy ensures ultimate quality and continuously develops cutting-edge high-energy batteries, making energy applications more efficient and intelligent.

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