Product Advantages

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    High Profitability
    • Bifacial double-glass PV modules, utilizing reflected light on the back to generate an additional 15% of electricity.
    • High-density integration, occupying only 1.3 square meter of space.
    • Integrated solar storage, expanding power distribution capacity for charging stations Time-of-use pricing, reducing electricity costs.

  • 高可靠性 -性价比.svg

    • IP65 waterproof and moisture-resistant, high environmental weather resistance.
    • Mainstream brand components such as cells, PCS, EMS, PV, with complete certifications.
    • Capable of operating in off-grid mode during power outages, providing emergency charging for new energy vehicles.

  • 长生命周期.svg

    Long Lifespan
    • PV module annual linear loss as low as 0.35%, with a lifespan of up to 30 years.
    • Designed lifespan of 15 years for the cabinet.
    • Uniform temperature management with Liquid Cooling in the cabinet, maintaining a battery temperature difference of ≤2℃.

  • 性价比高.svg

    High Safety
    • High-stability lithium iron phosphate cell.
    • Three-level fire protection linkage of Pack+system+water fire protection (optional).
    • Individual management for each cluster, eliminating circulation current.

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    Easy Configuration
    • Integrated design for easy expansion and installation.
    • Modular design for convenient maintenance and upgrades.
    • Supports third-party SCADA integration and EMS cloud scheduling.

Service Support


Rapid Response After-sales Service

With a dedicated after-sales service team providing 7X24 technical support, users can receive a rapid response in a short period of time, effectively shortening the maintenance cycle.


Professional Team Support

CHAM has been focus on new energy core technology for 20 years, providing customized products and services to customers with its professional pre-sales and R&D teams.


Convenient Service Channel

Extensive sales networks, factories, and after-sales service centers have been strategically deployed in various locations such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Indonesia, and Germany.


Customized Design Services

Our professional R&D team focuses on meeting the individual needs of our clients, tailored to create efficient and stable battery solutions that facilitate the successful implementation of projects.

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